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Tamah Alley | Chairperson

Tamah has been part of the Cromwell Youth Trust since 2015 and with NZ Police for 10 years. Her day job is Central Otago’s Youth Aid Officer. She is involved with the Trust because she believes all youth in our communities should be able to experience a diverse and challenging programme of activities and services, regardless of their location, family income, or abilities. “We live in a fantastic part of the world and it is great to be able to offer local youth these unique opportunities to extend themselves in a supportive, experienced environment.”

Tamah lives just outside of Alexandra on a lifestyle block with her husband Matt and two young children. In her spare time she enjoys running, horse riding and doing the endless chores that come with a lifestyle block!


David Scoones

David experience with youth spans for many years from youth camps and holiday programs to mentor, coaching and development roles. David joined Cromwell Youth Trust in January 2021. David has a mix of day jobs where he is the Chief Marketing Officer of medenterprises and also advises to businesses on their strategies and growth plans. David has always had a passion for our next generation of leaders and knows the importance of being exposed to a huge number of experiences from a young age. David believes all youth should have the opportunity to learn, develop and experience challenges.

David, his wife and two young children returned to New Zealand in 2019 and now live in Cromwell.

Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca came on board the Cromwell Youth Trust over 6 years ago. She is a long-time resident of Cromwell and remembers the “The Drop In Centre” as a young person in Cromwell during the 1980’s.

Rebecca is involved with the Cromwell Youth Trust as she believes that all young people deserve to have the opportunity to be included and valued in a supportive community. Cromwell is a community with the world on its doorstep and opportunities for any young person to strive for their best.

Rebecca lives in Cromwell with her husband Brent. They operate a 3rd generation Cromwell family plumbing and drain-laying business. Their two boys were educated in Cromwell, with the eldest just completing his 4 year plumbing apprenticeship and the youngest currently in basic training within the New Zealand Air Force.

Karen McCabe

Karen has been part of the Cromwell Youth Trust for over 5years and a Public health nurse in Cromwell for 20years.

She works full time and advocates for children and their families to access appropriate health and social services. She specialises in youth health.

Karen is involved in the Youth Trust because she is passionate about the wellbeing of our young people and wants them to have as many positive experiences as possible. Involving our young people in all aspects of the community benefits everyone.

Karen lives in Alexandra with her husband Frans. Their blended family of 4 children are all grown up and independent. The Central Otago lifestyle ensure lots of time for walking up the hills behind the Clock, lots of reading and holidays adventures.

Hilary Seagrave

Hilary's experience and passion with youth spans over many years . This experience started as she is a trained musician and taught young people including those with physical and learning disabilities in class and private tuition. Through her work and involvement this naturally led to mentoring and more extensive work with families and community.

Hilary lives in Cromwell with her husband Tuhorouta. They have a blended family of seven adult children and many wonderful grandchildren!

Hilary is delighted to be a small part of the Cromwell Youth Trust and support our team in the amazing leadership they offer to our young people in our community.