Manager | Lead Youth Worker

Rhys Smith

Manager | Lead Youth Worker | 020 4185 6514 | rhys@cromwellyouthtrust.co.nz

Crossing the Tasman from his hometown of Sydney, Australia; Rhys has returned to New Zealand after previously residing and working in Queenstown as a youth worker from 2013-15. Rhys has now taken on the Manager and Lead Youth Worker role with Cromwell Youth Trust.

Rhys has been travelling and working worldwide as a youth worker since 2012. Rhys has had the privilege of working in Australia and Canada as an Out of Home Care Residential Worker for foster youth. During his time in the USA Rhys worked at a summer camp as a Head Counsellor for a number of years. Additionally, Rhys has volunteered his time for many non-profit youth services mentoring and supporting youth.

Throughout Rhys' time exploring the world he has had the opportunity to experience some incredible adventures, including, solo skydiving, scuba diving, trekking through the Canadian wilderness for two weeks, mingling with the likes of Tony Hawk and Johnny Knoxville in Los Angeles, and eating fried crickets in Mexico!

Rhys has come to Cromwell with a mission; and that is to reinvigorate the community to be apart of an amazing youth service that Rhys aims on becoming the centrepiece and inspiration for other youth services in New Zealand. If you see Rhys around please say Kia Ora - except if the All Blacks beat the Wallabies (which is in the higher percentage range of happening)
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Divesh Singh

Youth Worker

Divesh Singh

Youth Worker | 027 223 7283 | info@cromwellyouthtrust.co.nz

Divesh originates from the beautiful islands of Fiji and has been living in New Zealand since the early 2000s in Auckland, Queenstown and finally relocating to the Fruit Bowl of the South in late 2016. Divesh while being a youth himself, has always had an urge to maintain and better the wellbeing and development of all youth from a very young age. He has been engaged with Youth Trusts since the age of 11, predominately with the Wakatipu Youth Trust based in Queenstown where he spent most of his life.

Divesh, a former Wakatipu High Head Student and has always been passionate in ensuring all youth had an equal opportunity to have fun, take part, enjoy and leave a mark the beautiful place we live in. Divesh in the last nine years has also been actively involved in volunteering his time with various organisations and non-profits throughout the region and country such as Autism Kids NZ, Fostering Kids NZ and The Untouched World Foundation.

Divesh is very excited to meet and engage with as many amazing youths and people in our community as he can as takes on the role as the newest Youth Worker at the Cromwell Youth Trust.
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