An absolute must-do for any young person over the Holiday breaks. Cromwell Youth Trust always deliver exciting, engaging and adventurous Holiday Programmes every Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring.

Accommodating a wide variety of activities that take us from Cromwell to our neighbours in Alexandra, our friends in Wanaka and the ‘adventure capital of the world’ Queenstown. Holidays are a great way to take part in an activity you are passionate about or the opportunity to try something that is completely new!

Our Holiday Programmes are youth centered and are based upon ideas from the youth themselves – this has resulted in us enjoying the adrenaline rush of indoor skydiving with iFly Queenstown, flips and tricks at SITE Trampoline, Crazy Arts days that involved ‘paint’ water balloons, ice skating, going to another world with REALM Virtual Reality and so much more!

Our Holiday Programmes are cost effective and affordable which results in fully booked spots within a short amount of time after being ‘active’ for registrations -so make sure you register to our Mailing List to hear about these programmes first.


Our team are in the process of developing an epic Summer Holiday Programme for 2021.

To ensure you are kept updated and to be one of the first to jump on board – click the button below to register on our Mailing List. 

K Munro
K Munro
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'(My son) loved the programme and made some new friendships plus built on his a parent I loved seeing him so excited in the mornings and it was great hearing the details in the afternoon...I'm very grateful for all the work (Cromwell Youth Trust) put in.
C Lincoln
C Lincoln
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Love the attention and care given to our son, such a fantastic range of opportunities - he has thrived in The Hangout atmosphere and through the amazing activities offered and organised so professionally!!'

Frequently asked questions

Yes, but Cromwell Youth Trust work extremely hard to gain potential funding as well as discounted rates from business supporters, who may be involved in our Holiday Programmes, which enables us to provide our programmes at a very affordable rate.

We also ensure we have a mixture of paid activities and free activities.

Very simply, actually! Cromwell Youth Trust want to ensure we are up to date with todays technology and we have invested in online registration and payment.

When a Holiday Programme is active, and available to take registrations, then all you have to do is select the programme/s. Once this step has been done then you will be directed to the ‘Online Checkout’ which requests information of a Parent/Guardian and the Youth Participant. Two payment options are available – direct online payment via secure credit card or cash payment (which is requested to be completed within 72 hours of registration to secure the spot.

And that is how simple it is! 100% of respondents to our survey regarding ease of online registration and payment have said it is ‘Very Easy to Use’

Another option is hard copy registration – this is a paper based system where you or your child brings in a registration form that has been filled in and signed – cash is the only payment options (we do not accept cheques)

It varies, but Holiday Programmes only operate during the main Holiday periods (so we operate four (4) per year Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring).

We can confirm that the time they operate can be between 9am and 6pm – dependant on the Holiday Programme.

This information is all supplied through our advertisements and online.

99% of our Holiday Programmes, that operate outside of The Hangout Youth Centre, depart and return to The Hangout Youth Centre (5A Murray Terrace, Cromwell)

This is to ensure stress free and ease of planning for parents/caregivers and youth.

On the rare occasion that transport is to be organised by the participant then this will be acknowledged in advertisement and online of the programme (please be aware this is an extremely rare occurrence)

To take part in any of Cromwell Youth Trusts services you have to be in attendance of Grade 7 through to 13 – so young people are approximately 10/11 years old through to 18 years old. 

We ensure programmes that we operate are inclusive of all youth.

Yes, from January 1st of each new year any child who will be attending Grade 7 will be eligible to attend any of our programmes.

This means that they can experience the most exciting and adventurous Holiday Programme ever!

Unfortunately not, Cromwell Youth Trust only work alongside any youth who is attendance of Grade 7 until 13 (so approximately 10/11 – 18 years old)

In this age range there are approximately 500 youth who Cromwell Youth Trust support and develop programmes for – which means adding an extra Grade will increase those numbers exponentially and not allow us to provide a quality service.

We recommend looking into Holiday Programmes operated out of the local Primary Schools.

Absolutely! Cromwell Youth Trust prides themselves on being an inclusive and welcoming organisation. We request that appropriate disclosures are made that relate to ensuring we can best accommodate your child – for example having gluten free food for all our occasions!

Absolutely! Cromwell Youth Trust prides themselves on being an inclusive and welcoming organisation. 

We work hard to gain programme funding that enables us to reduce costs for families and attempt to take away that barrier for you – although if your situation is still difficult then please do not hesitate to contact our team for confidential and financial assistance.

We can provide part sponsorship or full sponsorship – dependant on each individual circumstance.

That’s easy to fix! If you want to go to our Contact Us Page and let our team know what question you need answered and we will put it up here as well!

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