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Cromwell Youth Trust are proud to offer a FREE mentoring service for the youth of Cromwell.

CYT have developed an intensive mentoring initiative called Te Toki o te Ara Tutuki (Te Ara for short). Te Ara educates and empowers vulnerable youth equipping them with valuable life skills in the pursuit of greater self-awareness, confidence and positive decision making skills.

Te Ara is a group based mentoring and adventure-based programme that targets experiential learning using the outdoors as a primary source of engagement.

Using a holistic approach with local schools and community organisations; Te Ara support the wellbeing and development of youth within Cromwell and builds their connection with their community.

The phrase “Te Toki o te Ara Tutuki” means the toki of the pathway to achievement. Toki were worn as a type of pounamu to show status and were used to cut trees and dig. The toki symbolises the carving of the pathway to achievement and success with the understanding that everyone’s pathway and vision of success is unique.

Using the name Te Toki o te Ara Tutuki highlights that youth have varied aspirations and that learning is a lifelong journey. Te Toki o te Ara Tutuki offers a supportive and non-judgemental
environment and the use of experiential learning enables youth to develop personal, social and life skills that will contribute towards them achieving their individual goals.

Te Ara has a direct focus on four (4) areas:

Increase Engagement in their Education

Self-paced, individualised education plans with a focus on experiential learning that gives our youth the opportunity to relate to academics differently with the goal of improving their educational engagement and NCEA levels (if applicable) which enables an increase in self-esteem and confidence to achieve their goals.

Supportive Group Based Mentoring

Allowing access for our youth to engage with positive mentoring support helps youth develop social and emotional skills whilst working through challenges that increase their ability to break down barriers utilising positive tools & strategies provided by trained and skilled Youth Workers

Engagement in Outdoor Recreation

Spending time in active recreational opportunities; whilst engaging in fun, challenging & team building adventures, provides our youth opportunities to disconnect from technology & social media. The outdoors provides opportunities to develop resilience and
self-awareness. Physical exercise and mindfulness practices have been proven to improve mental and physical health.

Community Connections

Engaging positively in the community provides a sense of belonging. Inclusion
through volunteering time, to give back, offers the opportunity for our youth to know they belong and have a community that cares for them.

Additionally, CYT offer opportunities for 1-on-1 mentoring between a young person and a trained and skilled Youth Worker.

Please be aware that Cromwell Youth Trust may not always be able to accept referrals as it is dependant on the availability of our Youth Workers and capacity of Te Ara.

If we are unable to accept your referral we can provide alternative organisations that could potentially provide mentoring for your child, with prior approval.