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The Hangout Youth Centre is a popular attraction for youth throughout Cromwell & surrounding areas.

Designed to create a ‘homely’ and ‘welcoming’ feeling for everyone who enters, Cromwell Youth Trust are proud to be able to operate the communities only Youth Centre.

Promoting an inclusive, safe and supportive environment is why The Hangout Youth Centre is the ‘go to’ location for our youth. 

Operated by trained and skilled Youth Workers; The Hangout Youth Centre is a space where positive relationships are formed between youth and Youth Workers to support young people throughout their adolescents.

Proudly supported by Funders and Community Businesses; Cromwell Youth Trust is proud to say that we provide a FREE Youth Centre for all young people.

Would you like to visit and check it out?

Then please feel free to contact our team to make an appointment.

The Hangout Youth Centre is located at 5A Murray Terrace, Cromwell, Central Otago 9310

S Templer
S Templer
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'Doing a great job all round, my boy loves it. Only problem is, he prefers (The Hangout) to home!'
J Roberts
J Roberts
Business Owner
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'These guys do awesome work. Keep it up CYT and let's keep supporting them Cromwell.'
E Meek
E Meek
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What an amazing facility the youth group is for our young people! My son started attending about 6 weeks ago and is now a regular fixture at "The Hangout". He loves it there and its wonderful to know he is in a safe environment, spending time with his peers and is not sitting at home behind a device. Also amazing that you offer a school holiday programme. My son is booked in and can't wait! Great work to everyone involved!'

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is FREE and we are very proud of this! Cromwell Youth Trust work extremely hard to gain funding and financial supporters who enable us to provide our Youth Centre as a free service for all youth.

Yes, they are correct. Cromwell Youth Trust want to ensure we are up to date with todays technology and we have invested in an iPad Sign-In system that enables us to have a record of attendees.

Additionally, Health and Safety is a major factor in our operation so having important details for each child – including Emergency Contacts, disclosure of Special Needs, Food requirements, etc – assists in ensuring all youth are in a safe environment.

This check-in system is simple and our Youth Workers give an explanation on its use and how to operate it to each youth who attends.

Monday to Friday opening 3pm until 5:30pm, but there are occurrences where we open earlier then standard.

This is usually due to School being closed for Teacher Only days.

To keep updated we recommend following us on Social Media and signing up to our Mail List.

A whole ton of fun, in short!

The Hangout Youth Centre has a pool table, large Jenga, large chess and regular chess, bean bags, card & board games, arts & crafts, TV for movies, music equipment (such as electric drum kit, ukuleles, guitars & piano), books, computers, fully equipped kitchen for cooking & baking, food and so much more!

But one great opportunity for our youth is to socialise with friends and having the opportunity to make brand new ones.

Oh! and we also have Milkshake Monday’s, Taco Tuesday’s (sponsored by Amigos Cromwell), Mystery Wednesdays and Pizza & Movie Friday’s (sponsored by Black Panther Pizza). How cool is that?!?

Feel free to visit and explore The Hangout Youth Centre.

To take part in any of Cromwell Youth Trusts services you have to be in attendance of Grade 7 through to 13 – so young people are approximately 10/11 years old through to 18 years old. 

We ensure programmes that we operate are inclusive of all youth.

Yes but mostly no.

The Hangout Youth Centre is a drop-in space. This means that youth can attend for as long or as short as they like. We have some youth come for 5 minutes to say ‘hello’, grab some food and go on their way – other youth stay for longer or the full amount. It is purely up to them.

What we do recommend is to have a discussion with your child around expectations you have of them when attending and where they can go and where you would prefer them not to go.

We are in short distance to the local skate park and fields towards the rugby fields. We are also in short distance from New World and The Mall – which we see a lot of youth visit and go towards.

What we do make sure of is that when young people depart our the Youth Centre that they are prepared (i.e. helmet for their bike or scooter, option for sunscreen, have had food & water etc.) and that they know where they are going and are safe.

Yes & No, your child who is in Grades 7 to 13 is eligible to attend our service but your Primary School aged child is unable. We cannot accommodate this as we are not a daycare or after school care service – which we recommend to utilise in this instance.

Absolutely! Cromwell Youth Trust prides themselves on being an inclusive and welcoming organisation. We request that appropriate disclosures are made that relate to ensuring we can best accommodate your child – for example having gluten free food for all our occasions!

That’s easy to fix! If you want to go to our Contact Us Page and let our team know what question you need answered and we will put it up here as well!